• Foot travel only.  That means no taxi cabs Kristy Taylor.
  • Find as many checkpoints as you can using your smarts and the clue sheets provided.
  • If you get tired, thirty, bored, hungry, it’s totally fine to stop at one of our fine downtown establishments for nourishment.  Just don’t take a taxi back to the race site, Kristy Taylor.
  • Be back by 9pm – for every minute late, we deduct 2 points from your totals and you eat pizza that’s been fingered.
  • Teams stay together at all times – don’t send the fast people ahead because you ate too many pies at Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    • If nature calls, stand a comfortable distance away.  We are sensitive to the fact that no one wants to hear splashies.
  • Use your smartphone for photos, but no calls or visits to Mr. Google.  We encourage you to ask people on the street though.  The ones who are stumbling give the funniest answers.
  • In the event of a Zombiepocalypse, remember to Double Tap.
  • Feel free to use GPS.  If you need GPS in the city, we think that’s funny.
  • Write your team name on your answer sheets in a way that at least a 3rd grader could read.  In the greater scheme of things, particularly considering we’ve proven that the universe will probably expand until all stars and life is extinguished, does it really matter?  Probably not, but it’s a heckuva lot easier to grade if you write nice.
  • Remember that if you cheat you are only cheating yourself.  And you know what Satan does to cheaters.
  • Despite what I’ve said above, Kristy Taylor rocks and her taxi story is a great one.
  • There are clues hidden on this site.  A real detective will find them for a leg up on race day.
  • Are you still reading?
  • I’m genuinely shocked you made it this far.   You are obviously a detail oriented person.
  • You should probably be doing something more productive than this right now.

SeI cret Clue: study everything Nicholas Sparks